Self Study Program 305 – The 2.5L R5 TDI engine

VAG SSP 305. We will present to you the design and function of the new 2.5 l R5 TDI engine on the following pages. The 2.5 l 5-cylinder in-line TDI engine with pump injection system represents a new generation of 5-cylinder diesel engines. The primary development goal was to use the engine in various models (transverse and longitudinal mounting) with a high power density.

The engine is used in the Transporter 2004 with an output of 96 kW and 128 kW, and in the Touareg with an output of 128 kW. The engines in the Transporter 2004 and in the Touareg differ particularly in respect to their adaptations for transverse and longitudinal mounting.



  • Introduction
    • Technical features
    • Technical data
  • Engine mechanics
    • Cylinder block
    • Warp anchor principle
    • Cylinder head
    • Pump injectors
    • Crankshaft
    • Pistons and conrods
    • Gear train
    • Ancillary units drive
    • Oil filter module
    • Oil pump
    • Coolant circuit
    • Fuel system
    • Exhaust system
    • Exhaust gas recirculation cooler
  • Engine management
    • System overview
    • Functional diagram
  • Service
  • Test your knowledge

This self-study programme shows the design and function of new developments! The contents will not be updated. For the latest testing, adjustment and repair instructions, please refer to the relevant service literature.

Language: English
Format: PDF
Pages: 36

Self Study Program 305 – The 2.5 l R5 TDI engine Design and function PDF free online