Self Study Program 304 – Electronic Diesel Control EDC 16

VAG SSP 304. In this Self-Study Programme, you will be made familiar with the EDC 16 engine  nagement system, using the V10-TDI-engine as an example. Your attention will be drawn to changes between the V10-TDI- and R5-TDI-engines.

The new EDC 16 engine management system from Bosch has its debut in the V10-TDI- and R5-TDI-engines. Increasing demands on today’s diesel engines in terms of comfort, fuel consumption, exhaust emissions and road handling, mean greater complexity in the  ardware and software of engine management systems.

With EDC 16 electronic diesel control, an engine management system has been made available that meets these demands. This has been achieved above all by the greatly improved  processing performance of the engine control unit and a new signal processing system.


  • Introduction
  • Engine management
    • V10-TDI-engine system overview
    • Metering regulation
    • Start of injection regulation
    • Exhaust gas recirculation
    • Charge pressure control
    • Preglow system
    • Idling speed control
    • Smooth running control
    • Active pulse damping
    • Governor
    • Cruise control system
    • Sensors
    • Actuators
    • V10-TDI-engine functional diagram
  • Service
    • Self-diagnosis
    • Workshop equipment
  • Test your knowledge

This Self-Study Programme explains the design and function of new developments. The contents will not be updated. For the latest testing, adjusting and repair instructions, please refer to the relevant  workshop literature.

Language: English
Format: PDF
Pages: 52

Self Study Program 304 – Electronic Diesel Control EDC 16 Design and Function PDF free online