Self Study Program 30 – Petrol engines for the OCTAVIA 2.0L 8 kW 88kW

VAG SSP 30. This Self Study Programme is intended to make you familiar with the design of the engine and the new operational features. Planned further developments are also presented. Maximum power and torque – minimum emissions!

The range of petrol engines for the OCTAVIA is supplemented with the 2.0-litre engine. This engine is an addition to the EA 113 series. It makes use of components from the successful Group engine series. Consequently, the engine block is similar in design to that of the 1.8-ltr. engine.

The operation of components such as the coolant pump, coolant thermostat, oil pump and oil pump drive are identical to that described in SSP 19. The engine is characterized by control systems which greatly reduce the level of pollutants in the exhaust. It complies with the stricter EU IV emission criteria which will be incorporated in future by legislation in the new European driving cycle.


  • Engineering of the 85 kW Engine
  • System Overview
  • Positions of Components
  • Mechanical Components of Engine
  • Crankcase Breather
  • Fuel Injection System
  • Pistons
  • Sensors
  • PTFE Seals
  • Secondary Air System
  • Emission Control System
  • Exhaust Gas Monitoring System OBD II
  • Function Diagram
  • Self Diagnosis
  • Further Development of the 88 kW Engine
  • Test Your Knowledge 34

You will find notes on inspection and maintenance, setting and repair instructions in the Workshop Manual.

Language: English
Format: PDF
Pages: 34

Self Study Program 30 – Petrol engines for the OCTAVIA 2.0-l 85 kW 88 kW PDF free online