Self Study Program 279 – The 2.0l 110 kW engine with petrol direct injection (FSI)

VAG SSP 279. Improved methods of injecting petrol into the intake port represent more or less the limit of what can be done to optimise economy with conventional techniques. The direct injection principle opens up new possible ways of creating more economical and  environmentally sound petrol engines.

Thrifty diesel engines employ direct injection, in other words, the amount of fuel supplied corresponds exactly to the requirements at any given time.

The logical next step – at least in theory – would therefore be to apply the principle of direct injection to petrol engines as well. FSI technology from Audi opens up a whole new dimension for the petrol engine.


  • Introduction
    • Highlights of the FSI engine
    • 2.0 l FSI engine
  • Engine
    • Crankcase breather
    • Pistons
    • Oil circulation
    • Cylinder head
    • Camshaft positioning
    • Lower part of intake manifold
    • Intake air routing
    • System components
    • CAN bus interfaces
    • Engine control unit
    • Modes of operation
    • Stratified charge operation
    • Homogeneous operation
    • Fuel system
    • Single-plunger high-pressure pump
    • Fuel metering valve -N290
    • Fuel rail
    • Fuel pressure sender -G247
    • High-pressure injectors -N30, -N31,-N32, -N33
    • Exhaust system
    • Exhaust-gas temperature sender -G235
    • Exhaust gas treatment system
    • NOx storage catalytic converter
    • Regeneration phases
    • NOx sender -G295
    • Exhaust-gas temperature sender -G235
    • Exhaust-gas recirculation
    • Block diagram
    • Special tools

The Self Study Programme contains information on design features and functions.

The Self Study Programme is not intended as a Workshop Manual. Values given are only intended to help explain the subject matter and relate to the software version applicable when the SSP was compiled.

Use should always be made of the latest technical publications when performing maintenance and repair work.

Language: English
Format: PDF
Pages: 44

Self Study Program 279 – The 2.0 l 110 kW engine with petrol direct injection (FSI) PDF free online