Self Study Program 278 – The Audi A4 Cabriolet

VAG SSP 278. In over nine years of Audi Cabriolet production, the predecessor model acquired itself the status of a “modern classic”. The long-awaited new generation also has all the makings of a vehicle heading for stardom:

With a length of 4,57 metres and a width of 1,77 metres, this vehicle lends new expression to the classical elegance of the Audi Cabriolet whilst at the same time emphasising the sporty character of the make.

The philosophy behind the new Audi A4 Cabriolet concept is to create the ideal allyear-round vehicle.

A standard feature of the new Audi A4 Cabriolet is a fully automatic electrohydraulic convertible top with a heated glass rear window.

It goes without saying that the Audi Cabriolet convertible top offers outstanding thermal insulation to provide not only perfect winter protection but also ideal sound absorption.

At the touch of a switch in the centre console, the convertible top can be completely opened or closed in only 24 seconds.

It can also be operated from outside by inserting the vehicle key in the driver’s door lock.


  • Body
    • Exploded view
    • Portal gauge
    • Vehicle safety
    • Vibration damping
  • Convertible top
    • Convertible top design
    • Opening convertible top
    • Closing convertible top
    • Variable convertible top compartment
    • Convenience opening and closing of automatic convertible top
    • Emergency actuation
    • Hydraulic system
    • Hydraulic pump
    • Hydraulic cylinders
    • 3/2-way solenoid valve NV 090
    • Hydraulic “opening” functions
    • Hydraulic “closing” functions
    • Electronic components
    • Block diagram
  • Interior monitoring system
    • Megawave interior monitor
  • Central locking system


The Self Study Programme contains information on design features and functions.

The Self Study Programme is not intended as a Workshop Manual.
Values given are only intended to help explain the subject matter and relate to the software version applicable when the SSP was compiled.

Use should always be made of the latest technical publications when performing maintenance and repair work.

Language: English
Format: PDF
Pages: 64

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