Self Study Program 274 – The Phaeton Infotainment System

VAG SSP 274 . The aim of this programme is provided interested readers with an overview of the components belonging to the Infotainment system as well as the operation and display functions of the Infotainment system. Due to the complexity of the system, this Self Study Programme cannot achieve the depth of an operating manual but it can serve as a reference guide within the structure of the system. As the Infotainment system is subject to continuous development, this Self-Study Programme can only describe the current version of the functions.

The VOLKSWAGEN Infotainment system is an electronic system for centrally controlling and operating a large number of functions such as climate, navigation, mobile phone etc.

For more information about the inclusion of the Infotainment system within the onboard power supply, please refer to SSP272 “The Phaeton Onboard Power Supply”. You will find in detail information about climate control in SSP271 “The Phaeton Heating and Air Conditioning System”.


  • Introduction
  • Overview of design
  • Operating elements
  • Overview of functions
  • Electrics
  • Self-diagnosis
  • Service
  • Test your knowledge

The Self-Study Programme presents the design and function of new developments. The contents will not be updated. Please always refer to the relevant Service literature
for up-to-date inspection, adjustment and repair instructions.

Language: English
Format: PDF
Pages: 40

Self Study Program 274 – The Phaeton Infotainment System Design and Function PDF free online