Self Study Program 27 – Octavia 1.4L engine and gearbox 002

VAG SSP 27. SKODA is enlarging its range of petrol engines in the OCTAVIA with a new 1.4-ltr. OHV engine. This compact and lightweight engine is a SKODA development and is based on tried-and-tested components of the 1.3-ltr. light-alloy engine. The engine is classified as conforming with the EU II emission standard.

You can find out more regarding design and operation of this new engine in this Self Study Programme.


Part I – 1.4-ltr./44 kW Engine

  • Summary of New Features
    • The technical data
    • The engine characteristics
  • Mechanical Components
    • Valve gear
    • Valve timing
    • Crankshaft
    • Crankshaft bearings
  • Survey of Systems
    • Simos 3PB engine management 10
    • Engine speed sensor G28
    • Camshaft position sensor G163
    • Simos 3PB system function
    • Fuel injection
  • Electronic Throttle Function
    • Electrically operated throttle flap
    • Accelerator pedal
    • Self-diagnosis/emergency running to accelerator pedal
    • Throttle flap control unit
    • Function positions of throttle flap control unit
    • Basic setting of throttle flap control unit
    • Self-diagnosis/emergency running to throttle flap control unit
    • Fault lamp for electronic throttle
  • Sensors
  • Function Diagram

Part II – 5-Speed Manual Gearbox 002

  • Technical Data
    • Technical features
    • Gearbox diagram
  • Engine/Gearbox Mounting
    • Engine mount
    • Gearbox mount
    • Pendulum support
  • Clutch Mechanism
  • External Shift
  • Final Drive/Speedometer Drive
  • Service

You will find notes on inspection and maintenance, setting and repair instructions in the Workshop Manual.

Language: English
Format: PDF
Pages: 42

Self Study Program 27 – Octavia 1.4 L engine and gearbox 002 PDF free online