Self Study Program 267 – The 6.0l W12 engine in the Audi A8 – Part 1

VAG SSP 267 – The 6.0 l W12 engine in the Audi A8 – Part 1 PDF



  • Technical data
  • Cross-section
  • Longitudinal section
  • W-design

Engine, Mechanics

  • Cylinder block
  • Cylinder block and crankcase
  • Crankshaft group
  • Pistons/conrods
  • Engine mounting
  • Engine lubrication
    • Oil pump unit
    • Oil circulation in lower section of engine
    • Oil circulation in upper section of engine
    • Oil level
    • Dynamic oil level check
    • Oil level/oil temperature sender -G266
    • Static oil level check
    • Engine oil change (described in SSP 268 on Page 49)
  • Cooling system
    • System layout
    • Cooling circuit
    • Continued coolant circulation pump -V51
    • Other cooling circuit components
    • System layout with auxiliary heater
    • Special features with auxiliary heater
    • Electronically controlled cooling system
    • Engine-cooling thermostat -F265 control loop
  • Cylinder head
  • Timing mechanism
    • Sealing of timing mechanism
    • SIS sealing (as of start of production)
    • Silicone liquid seal (new)
  • Valve timing/camshaft timing control
    • Exhaust-gas recirculation
    • Valve timing/adjustment range
    • Control and monitoring of camshaft position
  • Camshaft adjusters
    • Function of camshaft adjusters
    • Electrohydraulic control

The self-study programme contains information on design features and functions.
The self-study programme is not intended as a Workshop Manual. Values given are only intended to help explain the subject matter and relate to the software version applicable at the time of SSP compilation.
Use should always be made of the latest technical publications when performing maintenance and repair work.

Language: English
Format: PDF
Pages: 64

Self Study Program 267 – The 6.0 l W12 engine in the Audi A8 – Part 1 PDF free online