Self Study Program 260 – The 1.2L 3-cylinder petrol engines

VAG SSP 260. The two 1.2 ltr. engines mark the introduction of 3-cylinder petrol engines at Volkswagen. This pair of entry-level engines rounds off the range of engines of the 2002 Polo. The one engine featuring 2 valves per cylinder has a power output of 40 kW while the second engine featuring 4 valves per cylinder produces 47 kW.

The following objectives were paramount in the development programme:

  • good fuel economy
  • compliance with emission standard EU4
  • low level of servicing
  • low weight
  • same smooth running as a 4-cylinder engine

We shall present the design and function of the two 1.2 ltr. petrol engines to you on the pages which follow.

Because the base engine of both power plants is identical, with the exception of the cylinder head, the description for the most part presents the 1.2 ltr./47 kW engine.


  • Introduction
    • Technical data
  • Engine mechanics
    • Drive of camshafts and of oil pump
    • Cylinder head and camshaft housing
    • Valve gear
    • Cylinder block
    • Crank assembly with balancer shaft
    • Oil filter and oil pump
    • Cooling system
    • Fuel system without return flow
    • Fuel filter with fuel pressure regulator
    • Engine cover with air filter
    • Crankcase ventilation
  • Engine management system
    • System overview
    • Engine control unit
    • Single-spark ignition coils
    • Fuel pump feed control
    • Exhaust post-treatment
    • Function diagram
    • Self-diagnosis
  • Service
    • Extended service interval
    • Special tools
  • Test your knowledge

The Self-Study Programme describes the design and function of new developments!
The contents are not updated. Please always refer to the relevant service literature for up-to-date inspection, adjustment and repair instructions.

Language: English
Format: PDF
Pages: 36

Self Study Program 260 – The 1.2 ltr. 3-cylinder petrol engines Design and Function PDF free online