Self Study Program 246 – Variable Valve Timing with fluted variator

VAG SSP 246. In this self-study programme, we would like to introduce to you the design and operation of the new camshaft adjuster with fluted variators. At Volkswagen, first the 2.8 litre V6 and the 2.3 litre V5 engines will be equipped with this system. Later other engines, such as the W8 and W12 engines will be equipped with this variable valve timing system.

The demands on combustion engines continue to grow. On one hand, customers want more power and torque, while on the other, one cannot lose sight of fuel economy and increasingly stringent emissions laws. In regard to valve timing, this means that engine-speed and load dependent adjustment of the inlet and exhaust camshafts is indispensable.

Therefore, of course, adjustment systems are continuously being improved in technical design as well as in means of adjustment.


  • Introduction
  • Variable valve timing
    • Design
    • Operation
    • Advancing the inlet camshaft
    • Retarding the inlet camshaft
    • Inlet camshaft regulation
    • Exhaust camshaft
    • Exhaust camshaft, basic setting
    • Exhaust camshaft, idle
    • Oil system
  • Engine management
    • System overview
    • Circuit diagram
    • Self-diagnosis
  • Test your knowledge

The self-study programme presents the design and operation of new developments. The contents are not updated.
Please refer to the intended Service literature for current instructions for testing, settings and repairs.

Language: English
Format: PDF
Pages: 30

Self Study Program 246 – Variable Valve Timing with fluted variator Design and Function PDF free online.