Self Study Program 240 – AUDI A2 Technology

VAG SSP 240. Exciting technology in a new lightweight design. The Audi A2 is paving the way for advanced mobility in the 21st century and at the same time is the first volume-produced car to have an aluminium body.

With its future-oriented lightweight design, it represents a new dimension in dynamism and economy.

A car for the modern world, innovative, compact, roomy, lightweight, safe and environmentally compatible.


  • In a nutshell
  • Body
  • Engine and gearbox
  • Running gear
    • Front axle
    • Rear axle
    • Power steering
    • Components and fitting locations
    • System overview
    • Design and function
    • ESP control system
    • ESP control system components
    • Diagnosis warning lights and buttons
  • Electrical system
    • Vehicle’s electrical system
    • CAN BUS system
    • Comfort system
    • Central control unit for comfort system J393
    • Door control units
    • Anti-theft alarm with interior monitor
    • Diagnosis
    • Functional diagram of comfort system
  • Heater/AC
    • Design and function
    • Compressor
    • Additional heater
    • System overview
    • Functional diagram
  • Service/maintenance
    • Technical data
    • Repair concept of the Audi A2
    • Special tools / workshop equipment

The self-study programme will provide you with information on design and functions.
It is not intended as a workshop manual!
For maintenance and repairs please refer to the current technical literature.

Language: English
Format: PDF
Pages: 80

Self Study Program 240 – AUDI A2 Technology Design and Function PDF free online