Self Study Program 239 – AUDI A2 – Body Construction and Function

VAG SSP 239. This is achieved with a construction that allows a large degree of automation at the raw body shell production stage. Highest standards in terms of rigidity and crash response – “best in class”.

The Audi-Space-Frame ASF in the A2

Audi A2 development targets
Weight savings of at least 40 % with respect to a comparable steel body as a precondition for a future 3-litre vehicle. Using the full potential of lightweight construction.

This is achieved with an aluminium Space-Frame body design. This is made possible with the use of further developed semi-finished aluminium products: cast aluminium, extruded profiles and rolled sheet metal.

Economic production for the world’s first large-series production of aluminium vehicles.


  • The material aluminium
    • Historical development at Audi
    • Manufacturing
    • Properties
    • Recycling
  • The Audi-Space-Frame ASF in the A2
    • Technological concept
    • Overview of ASF- A8 and A2
    • Components
  • Bonding techniques
    • Overview
    • Production methods
    • Punch rivets
    • Internal high-pressure metal forming
    • Metal inert gas welding
    • Laser welding
    • Design and function
    • Assembly work
  • Occupant protection
  • Repair concept
  • Painting
  • Review of A8 aluminium technology
    • ASF® in the Audi A8
    • Repair concept

The self-study programme will provide you with information on construction and functions.
It is not intended as a workshop manual!
For maintenance and repairs please refer to the current  technical literature.

Language: English
Format: PDF
Pages: 64

Self Study Program 239 – AUDI A2 – Body Construction and Function PDF free online