Self Study Program 235 – The Multi-Function Steering Wheel

VAG SSP 235. Raising the comfort for the driver of a vehicle has always been a high priority for the vehicle constructor. The concept of positioning regularly used switches and safety elements on the steering wheel is the aim of this endeavour.

Originally the regulators for the accelerator and the ignition timing were positioned next to the horn contact, today in addition to the horn we find levers and buttons for the headlights,  turn signals, cruise control system, radio, telephone, CD player etc. Apart from this, the steering wheel contains functional elements such as the airbag and, under certain conditions, a vibration damper.

Such a versatile steering wheel is known as a multi-function steering wheel (MFW).


  • Introduction
  • Design of MFW
    • Description
    • Variants
    • Button assignment
    • Display
    • Operation
  • Electrical circuits
    • Coil connector
    • Data transfer
    • Control unit contact assignment
    • Self-diagnosis
    • Function diagram

The Self-Study Programme presents the design and function of new developments! The contents are not updated.
Please always refer to the relevant Service literature for current test, adjustment and repair instructions.

Language: English
Format: PDF
Pages: 20

Self Study Program 235 – The Multi-Function Steering Wheel Design and Function PDF free online