Self Study Program 211 – The New Beetle

VAG SSP 211. This Self-Study Programme describes the function as well as the design of the New Beetle. The New Beetle has caused a sensation and aroused instant enthusiasm throughout the world. The Concept 1 study in the mantle of the New Beetle is now ready to enter volume production.

The New Beetle is, in conceptual terms, an entirely new vehicle, and yet it is still strongly reminiscent of the classic Beetle. Except for its unmistakeable body styling, however, it has very little in common with the original Beetle. The New Beetle is based on the A4 platform.


  • The New Beetle
    • News
    • The engineering of the New Beetle
    • Vehicle dimensions
    • The aerodynamics and body structure
  • Body
    • Occupant protection
    • Crash-optimised foot controls
    • Vehicle identification and mechanical anti-theft protection
    • Body repairs
  • Engines
    • General information
    • Assembly mounting
    • Gearbox versions
    • CAN databus
    • Engines
    • Motronic 5.9.2
  • Running gear
    • Front axle/rear axle
    • Steering
    • Brake system
  • Elektrical system
    • Electrical components
    • Sound system
    • Convenience system
  • Heating and air conditioning system
    • Heating and air conditioning system
    • Dust and pollen filter
  • Service
    • Body
    • New special tool

The Self-Study Programme is not a Workshop Manual.
Please refer to the Service Literature for all the relevant maintenance and repair instructions.

Language: English
Format: PDF
Pages: 48

Self Study Program 211 – The New Beetle Design and Function PDF free online