Self Study Program 203 – The 1.0L 37 kW petrol engine with camshaft in block (ohv)

VAG SSP 203. In this Self-Study Programme, we will explain to you the design and function of this new engine. In the Lupo, VW will be extending its range of petrol engines with a new 1.0-ltr. engine with aluminium block with camshaft in block (ohv).

It conforms to the exhaust emission standards EU III and D3. This compact and light-weight engine is an in-Group development and is based on proven engine components.


  • Specifications
    • Engine data
    • Engine overview
  • Engine mechanicals
    • Crankshaft
    • Cylinder block
    • Cylinder liner
    • Timing gears
    • Valve timing adjustment
    • Oil pump
    • Valve timing
    • Drives for auxiliary components
    • Coolant pump
  • System overview
    • Engine management system Simos 2P
    • Sensors/actuators
  • Sensors
    • Engine speed sender G28 and TDC recognition
    • Intake manifold pressure sender G71 and intake air temperature sender
    • G41
    • Knock sensor G61
  • Injection system
    • Intake module with injectors
  • Functional diagram
  • Self-diagnosis
  • Test your knowledge

The Self-Study Programme is not a Workshop Manual.
Please always refer to the relevant Service Literature for all inspection, adjustment and repair instructions.

Language: English
Format: PDF
Pages: 24

Self Study Program 203 – The 1.0-ltr. 37 kW petrol engine with camshaft in block (ohv) Design and function PDF free online