Self Study Program 201 – The WV Lupo

VAG SSP 201. The small and highly manoeuvrable vehicle is simply likeable, chic and natural. The Lupo, a new addition to the subcompact family, extends the Volkswagen product range. In spite of its compact dimensions, the Lupo boasts a specification which stands comparison with any saloon and is rounded off by a distinctive design.

Environmental pollution kept to a minimum by using fuel-efficient, low-emission and quiet engines as well as recycleable and recycled plastic parts.

The Lupo conforms to all internationally recognised safety standards for head-on collision, side impact, offset collision and rear collision as well as for rollover.


  • The Lupo
    • Vehicle dimensions, aerodynamics
    • The car and the environment
    • Environmental protection, recycling
  • Body
    • Safety bodyshell,
    • paintwork structure and corrosion protection, high-strength body panels
    • Soundproofing, Isofix, fabric sliding roof
    • Front and rear bumpers
    • Restraint system, airbags
  • Engines
    • Engine-gearbox combination
    • Engines, roller cam follower,
  • Power transmission
    • Manual gearbox 085 and gear selection
    • Manual gearbox 002 and gear selection
    • Automatic gearbox and gate selection
  • Fuel system
  • Running gear
    • Steering
    • Front axle/rear axle
    • Brake system
    • Front and rear brakes
    • ESBS
  • Electrical system
    • Vehicle electrical system/components
    • Fitting locations of control units,
    • Dash panel insert, central locking
    • Radio generation ’99
  • Heating, air conditioning system
    • Heating, air conditioning system,
    • Radiator fan control unit,
    • high pressure sender, system overview, functional diagram
  • Service
    • Special tools

The Self-Study Programme is no Workshop Manual.
Please always refer to the relevant Service Literature for all inspection, adjustment and repair instructions.

Language: English
Format: PDF
Pages: 56

Self Study Program 201 – The WV Lupo Design and function PDF free online