Self Study Program 200 – Golf 98 Construction and operation

Self Study Program 200 – Golf 98 Construction and operation PDF. The Self-Study Programme series has been keeping you informed about the construction and operation of Volkswagen and Audi technology for the past 24 years .

In conjunction with the launch of the new Golf, we have taken the opportunity to revise slightly the layout of our Self-Study Programme.

  • In keeping with the times, the style of our Self-Study Programmes is now friendlier and  more easily distinguishable.
  • The contents are based on the workshop manuals.
  • The chapter entitled “Servicing” informs you about changes in our servicing procedures.

With kind regards of your Self-Study Programme Team K-VK-12.


    • An all-new Golf
      • News
      • Vehicle dimensions
      • Environmental protection, recycling
      • Occupant protection, anti-theft measures
    • Body
      • Fully galvanised body
      • High-strength panels
      • Bumpers
    • Engines
      • Engine-gearbox combination
      • Engine
      • Cruise control
    • Power transmission
      • Manual gearbox
      • Automatic gearbox
    • Running gear
      • Steering
      • Front axle/rear axle
      • Braking system
      • Wheels/tyres
    • Electrical system
      • Vehicle electrical system
      • Convenience system
      • Headlights
      • Rain sensor
    • Heating, air-conditioning system
      • Heating
      • Manual air-conditioning system
      • Climatronic
    • Service
      • Body
      • New special tools

This Self-Study Programme is not a Workshop Manual.
Please refer to the relevant Service literature for all inspection, adjustment and repair instructions.

Language: English
Format: PDF
Pages: 64

Self Study Program 200 – Golf 98 Construction and operation PDF free online

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