Self Study Program 196 – The 1.4L 16V 55kW Engine with roller-type cam follower

VAG SSP 196. This self-study programme explains the technical innovations in our engine range using the 1.4-ltr. 16V 55kW engine as an example. Apart from minor differences in the engine mechanics, the 1.6-lr. 16V 88kW engine for the Polo GTI will have these new features, too.

Whether it’s a matter of better fuel economy, higher engine output or lower exhaust emissions –  the demands on engines are constantly increasing. This presents our engineers with new tasks, with the result that the Volkswagen engine range is constantly growing.

Example: weight saving During development, the weight of the new 1.4-ltr. 16V 55kW engine was reduced by about 10 kg by modifying its design.

These differences arise out of the various technical demands on the engines and are described in this Self-Study Programme.


  • Introduction
    • Specifications
  • Engine mechanics
    • Intake manifold
    • Valve gear
    • Valve actuation
    • toothed belt drive
    • Crankcase
    • Crankshaft
    • Sealing flange
    • Oil pump
    • Con rod
    • Exhaust system
  • Engine management
    • Engine control unit
    • System overview
    • Static high-voltage distribution
    • Engine speed sender G28
    • Hall sender G40
    • Functional diagram
    • Self-diagnosis
  • Service
    • Special-purpose tools

The Self-study Programme is not a Workshop Manual!
Precise instructions for testing, adjustment and repair can be found in the appropriate Workshop Manual.

Language: English
Format: PDF
Pages: 36

Self Study Program 196 – The 1.4-ltr. 16V 55kW Engine with roller-type cam follower Design and Function PDF free online