Self Study Program 195 – The 2.3L V5 Engine

VAG SSP 195. You will find more detailed information about the design of the engine mechanicals or the cooling system and the oil circuit in SSP 127 “The VR6 engine” and SSP 174 “Modifications to the VR6 engine”. The new 2.3-ltr. V5 engine is related to the VR6 engine as regards design. For this reason this Self-Study Programme will be largely confined to the modifications to the VR6 engine.


  • Introduction
  • Engine mechanicals
  • Power transmission
  • Motronic injection and ignition system
  • Function diagram
  • Service
  • Self-diagnosis

The Self-study Programme is not a Workshop Manual!
Precise instructions for testing, adjustment and repair can be found in the appropriate Workshop Manual.

Language: English
Format: PDF
Pages: 40

Self Study Program 195 – The 2.3-ltr. V5 Engine Design and Function PDF free online