Self Study Program 182 – Audi A3 – The Engineering

Self Study Program 182 – Audi A3 – The Engineering PDF. In this SSP we will explain the technical details of the Audi A3 to you.


  • Audi A3
    – New models / New engineering
  • Body
    – Programmed crumple zones
  • Safety
    – Soft cushions and stable seats
  • Test Your Knowledge
    – Subject: body and safety
  • Engines
    – From engine lubrication to functional diagram
  • Test Your Knowledge
    – Subject: engines
  • Gearbox
    – Tooth for tooth
  • Running Gear
    – Well-clamped and adjustment-free
  • Steering
    – Locking teeth and crash-tested
  • Braking system
    – Power under pressure
  • Test Your Knowledge
    – Subject: running gear, steering and brakes
  • Electrical system
    – Switches and controls
  • Answers
    – What you managed to remember

The Self Study Programme is not a Workshop Manual!
Please refer to the relevant Service Literature for all inspection, adjustment and repair instructions.

New models. New engineering.


  • Side padding
  • Seats with high transverse rigidity
  • Easy Entry
  • Seat occupied recognition (SOR)


  • Side members
  • Concertina principle
  • Side reinforcement in doors
  • Flush fitting between. B pillar and sill. Footwell cross member

Engines / Gearbox

  • Engine lubrication
  • Engine cooling
  • Engine electrics
  • System overviews
  • Self-diagnosis
  • Functional diagrams
  • Reversing brake

Running gear

  • Cast wheel bearing housing with singlebolt clamp
  • Caster
  • Self-aligning double ball bearing
  • Oblique rear axle mounting


  • Locking teeth and clamp
  • Lock
  • Crash concept


  • Disc brakes at front and rear
  • Dacrometised bolts

Language: English
Format: PDF
Pages: 74

Self Study Program 182 – Audi A3 – The Engineering pdf free online

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