Self Study Program 162 – ABS EDS ASR (Bosch) 5 in the Audi

VAG SSP 162. ASS, EDS and ASR represent braking, acceleration and acceleration aids that significantly contribute to vehicle safety. The four versions of these safety systems are presented in this self-study program.

  • Front wheel drive with ABS (Bosch) 5
  • Front wheel drive with ABS / EDL (Bosch) 5
  • Front wheel drive with ABS / EDL / ASR (Bosch) 5
  • All wheel drive with ABS / EDS (Bosch) 5

By ASS more safety when braking! By EDS more traction when starting! By ASR increased safety and traction when s Acceleration boost!

ABS prevents the wheels from locking while braking. EDS directs the drive torque by electronically controlled braking of spinning wheels to drive on “serious” wheels. EDS schemes up to a speed of 40 km/h ASR prevented when accelerating over the entire speed range, the spinning of the drive wheels by reducing engine power.


  • System Overview
  • General information about the System
  • Hydraulic schematics
  • Function diagrams
  • Electrical
  • Self-diagnosis

The Self-Study Programme is not a Workshop Manual!
Troubleshooting, adjustment and repair can be found in the factory provided technical service literature.

Language: English
Format: PDF
Pages: 25

Self Study Program 162 – ABS / EDS / ASR (Bosch) 5 in the Audi PDF free online