Self Study Program 160 – Audi A8 Aluminum Body

Self Study Program 160 – Audi A8 Aluminum Body PDF free online

The new Audi A8 has to be the most attractive Europeans claim on the world market in its class. The A8 is a unique car, which has been developed over the predecessor model from scratch.

For significantly effective reductions in consumption and therefore environmental benefits we must therefore begin with the weight of the vehicle. Only by reducing the weight, the 70% stake will be reduced fuel consumption.


  • Audi A8
  • The big chance
  • body
  • Material Aluminium
    • Raw material bases
    • Manufacturing process. advantages
  • recycling
  • Audi Space Frame
    • construction and development
    • Construction, components
    • Features
  • Vehicle security
  • Contact corrosion
    • Basics
    • Avoid contact corrosion
    • Rubber and plastic parts
  • Heat treatment
  • Joining techniques
    • MIG welding
    • Support structure connection
    • Clinching
    • Resistance spot welding
    • piercing rivets
  • Repair solutions
    • Longitudinal beams, bonding
    • Door sill replacement, painting
  • Insulation
    • Measures properties
    • Description, Installation, benefits
    • bumpers
    • Hitch
  • Door
    • Door impact beams, front / rear
    • protective padding
  • Alignment bench

Language: English
Format: PDF
Pages: 73

Self Study Program 160 – Audi A8 Aluminum Body PDF free online

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