Scania Wiring diagram handbook

This issue of the Wiring Diagram Handbook is applicable to both RHD and LHD chassis. All components of the electrical system are included in the list of components but some are missing from the component location drawings featured in the handbook. In regard to these components, please refer to the workshop booklet for the relevant equipment, such as ABS, for example.

The handbook’s List of components contains details of all the components in the electrical system. These details cover:

  • Component code
  • Remarks (function, etc.)
  • Reference to component location drawing
  • Reference to wiring diagrams

In the section on Wiring Diagrams, page 65, the difference  between a circuit diagram and a connection diagram is
explained as well as the uses of the different diagrams.

The Connection Diagrams section on page 66 covers all connection diagrams for basic electrical equipment as well as for optional equipment for the 4 series.

The Circuit Diagrams, Basic electrical equipment table on page 68 shows where different electrical functions (circuits) can be found in the circuit diagram. The table contains references to current paths (circuits) in the diagram.

The section entitled Cable Markings on page 71 explains the relationship between cable functions and markings.

A number of Location Diagrams show where the components are located in the vehicle. See page 78.


  • General
  • ADR
  • List of components
  • Wiring diagrams
  • Connection diagram
  • Circuit diagram
  • Cable marking
  • Light bulbs
  • Location drawings

Language: English
Format: PDF
Pages: 2733

Scania Wiring diagram handbook