Saab 9000 Supplement ZF-4HP-18 ATSG Repair Manual

The Saab 4-HP-18 is a four speed automatic transmission designed for front wheel drive transversely mounted engine vehicles. A fluid coupling (torque converter) is used to transmit power from the engine into the transmission via the turbine shaft. Built into the torque converter is a damper plate that connects the 3/4 clutch drum shaft mechanically to the crank shaft so as to drive the 3/4 clutch drum at crankshaft speed. The damper plate is also used to prevent a 2-3 and 3-4 shift shock. The converter also drives a positive displacement pump to provide the transmission with fluid pressure. The 4-HP-18 uses a Ravigneaux planetary gear train consisting of sun gears, planet gears, 1 planet carrier and 1 ring gear. The different ratios are obtained through this gear train by the driving and holding of specific elements in this gear set. This driving and holding of specific elements in the gear set is accomplished by the use of 5 different clutch packs, 1 band and 2 one-way holding devices.

The purpose of this supplemental manual is to show the engineering differences of the Saab 9000 version of the 4-HP-18 transmission. For tear down and reassembly, use the ATSG Eagle Premier, Dodge Monaco Tectran Manual on the 4-HP-18.


  • Technical Data
  • Throttle Cable Adjustment
  • Line Pressure Check
  • 2/4 Band Adjustment
  • Clutch and Band Application Chart
  • Hydraulic Operation
  • Valve Body Breakdown
  • Orifice Location
  • Bulletins
  • Case and Internal Components
  • Hydraulic Schematics

Language: English
Format: PDF
Pages: 48

Saab 9000 Supplement ZF-4HP-18 ATSG Repair Manual