Nissan Sentra Engine tuning

Today, I decided to try and check the timing because I am certain it hasn’t been checked ever in its 12 year run, until now! Here is a write-up on how to do it. This will make the idleing smoother, engine run smoother, as well as perhaps increase gas mileage for having the optimum timing.

When I checked mine, to my surprise it was at 5 degrees BTDC! No wonder my idle was fluctuating, despite cleaning out the IACV valve, and having new plugs. Not to mention when flooring it, it didn’t feel THAT smooth ( I wanted it to feel smoother) and I guess you can say it didn’t quite rev easy.

Maximum allowable is 15 degrees BTDC, but you must use 91 or higher octane gas!!!! If you hear pinging or detonation, RETARD THE TIMING to prevent engine damage. According to Nissan Performance Mag in the “Ask Sarah” column of the November 2002 issue, maximum allowable under 87 gas to get slightly more horsepower is 12 degrees.

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Nissan Sentra Engine tuning

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