Nissan Sentra B13 NX-coupe 1993 Service Repair Manual

These repair manuals for Nissan Sentra describes the models, they are equipped with gasoline and diesel powertrains. The manuals cover issues not only related to repairs, but also explain the safety, operation, and maintenance instructions of the Nissan Sentra.

Wiring diagrams for Nissan Sentra are included in the chapter on electrical equipment of the machine, there you will also find illustrative examples of the repair or improvement of the electronic “stuffing” of the car.

But the most popular in the technical manual, as a rule, is the topic of diagnosis and repair Nissan Sentra. In this case, the reader will not be disappointed and will surely find in these guides exact answers, as well as a guide to independent actions in case of detected malfunctions in the work of Nissan Sentra.

Nissan Sentra – a compact car produced by the Japanese automaker Nissan Motors, is the export version of the Japanese Nissan Sunny. It has a total of 3 generations, the latter is available since 2012.

In the United States, the Sentra is located in the compact car class, prices range from $ 15,000 for the base model to $ 21,000 for the full package. Sentra was also called the American Nissan Sunny, which was produced from 1982 to 1999.

Nissan Sentra competed with sedans such as the Ford Focus, Opel Astra, Toyota Corolla.


  • 1.6l 4 cyl
  • 2.0l 4 cyl
  • abbrevations
  • ac compressor oil checking
  • ac compressor servicing
  • ac heater system manual
  • ac heater system uniform inspection guidelines
  • ac system general diagnositic procedures
  • ac system general servicing
  • adjustments
  • air bag restraint system
  • alternator and regulator 2
  • alternator and regulator
  • anti lock brake safety precautios
  • anti lock brake system
  • axle shafts
  • basic testing
  • brake system uniform inspection guidelines
  • brake system
  • clutch
  • computer relearn procedures
  • cruise control system
  • defogger rear window
  • door locks power
  • drivetrain systems uniform inspection guidelines
  • egr function testsing
  • electrical component locator
  • electrical system uniform inspection guidelines
  • electrostatic discharge warning
  • emission application
  • emission control visual inspection procedrues
  • engine cooling fan
  • engine overhaul procedures
  • engine system uniform inspection guidelines
  • engine vin id
  • exhaust system uniform inspection guidelines
  • fuses and circuit breakers
  • gear tooth contact patterns
  • general cooling system servicing
  • heater system
  • how to use system wiring diagrams
  • instrument panel analog
  • instrument panel electronic
  • interference verification check for ohc engine
  • jacking and hoisting
  • l wiring diagrams
  • maintenance info
  • metric conversions
  • passive restraint system inspection
  • pin voltage charts
  • power windows
  • pre alignment checks
  • riding height adjustment
  • scheduled services
  • sensor range charts
  • specifications
  • starter hitachi
  • starter mitsubishi
  • steering column switches
  • steering column
  • steering system manual rack and pinion
  • steering system power rack and pinion
  • steering uniform inspection guidelines
  • suspension front
  • suspension rear
  • suspension uniform inspection guidelines
  • symptom check list
  • system component tests
  • system wiring diagrams
  • tests with codes 1.6l
  • tests with codes 2.0l
  • tests without codes
  • theory operation
  • transmission removal and installation at
  • transmission removal and installation mt
  • transmission servicing at
  • transmission servicing mt
  • trouble shooting
  • vacuum diagrams
  • waveforms
  • wheel alignment specifications and procedures
  • wheel alignment theory operation
  • wiper washer system
  • wiring diagrams symbols
  • wiring diagrams

Language: English
Format: PDF
Pages: 1355

Nissan Sentra B13 NX-coupe 1993 Service Repair Manual