Nissan Pulsar Vector N13 Series 1987 – 1991 and the Holden Astra LD Series 1987 – 1989 Wokshop Manual

This Service and Repair Manual covers the Australian manufactured Nissan Pulsar (hatchback) and Vector (sedan) N13 Series 1987 – 91 and the Holden Astra LD Series 1987 – 89

Two engines were available: a 1.8 liter engine with multi-point fuel injection, and a 1.6 liter throttle body injected engine. The engines are similar having single overhead camshafts and computer controlled fuel injection and ignition control. There was a choice of three speed automatic or five speed manual transaxles.

A viscous coupling limited slip differential was introduced from July 1989 to the five speed manual transaxle models of the Pulsar Q and Vector SSS. Disc brakes are fitted at the front of all models, while the rear brakes are either discs or drums.

All models are equipped with independent coil spring suspension. Steering can be by either manual or power  ssisted rack and pinion.

This manual includes information on trouble shooting, lubrication and maintenance, specifications and the removal, installation and overhaul of components which are considered to be within the scope of the average, well equipped home mechanic.

Certain repair jobs covered in this manual require the use of special equipment not normally found in a home tool kit. When such equipment is required, the equipment and its function is brought to the users attention underneath the heading for that component. Some jobs, such as automatic transmission overhaul, should he left to an authorized dealer or a specialist who has the extensive knowledge and equipment required. In these cases, the removal and installation procedures are fully covered, enabling the unit to be removed for repair or a reconditioned unit to be installed.

Reference in the manual to the left and right hand sides of the vehicle are from the point of view of someone standing at the back of the vehicle and looking forward.

Inexperienced operators should not attempt a service or repair operation before completely reading the appropriate section (or other sections which may be referred to) in the manual.

Language: English
Format: PDF
Pages: 238

Nissan Pulsar Vector N13 Series 1987 – 1991 and the Holden Astra LD Series 1987 – 1989 Wokshop Manual