Nissan Leaf 2014 Service Repair Manual

Detailed repair manual and service manual for Nissan Leaf from 2010 release with an electric motor capacity of 109 hp. All repair manuals, owners manuals and service manuals for Nissan Leaf you can free download.

Nissan Leaf with electric motor EM 61 80 kW. (about 109 hp) with a maximum speed of 145 km. / hour, was created by Nissan Motor, the serial production of which occurred in 2010 and was declared the first winner among electric vehicles not only in the European car enthusiast competition, but also the first winner of the “World car enthusiast”.

The Nissan Leaf is built on the new Nissan V platform that the electric car shares with the Juke crossover and Micra subcompact. The heaviest element of the car is a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. In order to get acquainted with the Eco car, learn more about its contents and know how it works, as well as always be sure that you can correctly repair any malfunction of your car, you just need repair manuals, operation manuals and Nissan Leaf Service Manuals.

Language: English
Format: PDF
Pages: 5661

Nissan Leaf 2014 Service Repair Manual

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