NISSAN DATSUN. Engines model L13, L16 & L20. Service manual

This service manual has been prepared for the purpose of assisting service personnel of our distributors and dealers for effective sendee and maintenance of model L series engines.

Since proper maintenance and sendee are most essential to satisfy our customers by keeping their cars in the best condition, this manual should be carefully studied. The followings should be noted for effective utilization of this manual.

  • Since only the informations concerning the engine are described herein, please refer to both this and the DATSUN 510 SERVICE MANUAL and DATSUN 2000 SERVICE MANUAL for complete details of the ear.
  • All the parts names in this manual conform to both DATSUN 510 PARTS CATALOG and DATSUN 2000 PARTS CATALOG, and only the genuine service parts listed in these parts catalogs should be used as replacements.
  • All information, illustrations and specifications contained in this manual are based on the latest product information available at the time of publication approval.
  • It is emphasised that those who use this manual revise the contents according to the SERVICE JOURNAL issued by the factory, which carries the latest factory approved servicing method.


Language: English
Format: PDF