Nissan CYQD32 Series Diesel Engine Service Manual

CYQD 32 series diesel engine is a product with international advanced level. The technology was introduced from Nissan Diesel Engine Automobile Individual Plant by our Company. It can equip with 1-2 tons light-duty truck, light-duty bus, pick-up, jeep, army vehicle, cross-country vehicle and business vehicle and ect.

According to the performance, at present CYQD32 series diesel engine mainly includes CYQD32, CYQD32EGR, CYQD32T, CYQD32Ti four models. And on the base of it, it also has more than ten match deformation, such as QD32-1B > QD32EGR-1A > QD32T-2A> QD32Ti-1A.

The series diesel engine serial number, which at the front of “ ” , expresses essential configuration and performance, which at the back of “ ” expresses equipping deformation.

In order to make diesel engine often keep good technology state, and convenient for customer’s maintenance and repairing. So we wrote the manual especially.

Because the series diesel engine is with advanced “general-purpose, series, and standard” level, the manual can be applied for the serial all the models.

The data and explanation which the manual supplied depending on the existing the products. With the technology developing and according to the customer’s requirement, the configuration will continue to perfect. So some contents may be unconformity future productions, and please customers notice and take care of the new manual publishing.


  • Summary
  • The main data and brief specification of diesel engine
  • The main performance and outline dimension of diesel
  • Engine
  • Indication symbol and meaning
  • Outer part disassembly and assemble
  •  Inner part disassembly and assemble
  • Diesel engine maintenance, checking and adjusting
  • Basic parts disassemble and reassemble
  • Rocker-arm shaft conjunction
  • Cylinder head and valves
  • Piston connection conjunction assembly
  • Basic parts checking and maintenance
  • Accessory parts disassembly and checking, repairing and adjusting
  • Lubrication system
  • Pressure lubrication system abridged drawing
  • Piston cooling injection nozzle
  • Oil filter
  • Oil cooler
  • Injection pump. Inlet preheating system
  • EGR system (CYQD32EGR)
  • Turbocharger charger (CYQD32T> CYQD32Ti)

Language: English
Format: PDF
Pages: 60

Nissan CYQD32 Series Diesel Engine Service Manual