Mitsubishi Pajero Sport Workshop Manual

Mitsubishi Pajero workshop & repair manual, as well as the manual for operation and maintenance of Mitsubishi Pajero cars equipped with 6G74-GDI (3.5 l.), 6G74-MPI (3.5 l.) And 6G75 (3.8 l.) Gasoline engines. ).

This publication contains detailed information on the diagnosis, repair and adjustment of the engine, elements of petrol engine control systems (MPI and GDI fuel injection systems), ignition systems, starting and charging systems, instructions for using the self-diagnosis system, including Automatic, ABS, SRS, M-ASTC (Stability Program (ASC) and Traction Control (TCL)), cruise control systems, and recommendations for adjusting mechanical and automatic transmissions, all-wheel drive control systems (Super Select 4WD-II) , adjustment and repair of elements of the brake system (including ABS and EBD), steering, suspension.

The Pajero manual contains possible malfunctions and methods for their elimination, the mating dimensions of the main parts and the limits of their permissible wear, recommended lubricants and working fluids. Detailed wiring diagrams are presented. The design changes to which the components and assemblies of Mitsubishi Pajero cars in the production process were described are described.

Separate sections of the Pajero manual include operating instructions, maintenance recommendations and color schemes for the electrical equipment (wiring diagrams) of the car.


Language: English
Format: PDF