Mitsubishi Pajero 1994 – 2002 Electrical Wiring Diagrams

This Electrical Wiring Manual contains information necessary for inspection and servicing of electrical wiring in the Mitsubishi PAJERO edited in the form of wiring harness configuration diagrams and function-separated circuit diagrams. It is recommended that all service mechanics engaged in the servicing of the vehicle refer to the following publications as well as this manual.

All information, illustrations and product descriptions contained in this manual are current as of time of publication. We, however, reserve the right to make changes at any time without prior notice or obligation.

The preceding page contains GROUP INDEX which lists the group title and group number.

All page numbers consist of two sets of digits separated by a dash. The digits preceding the dash indentify the number of the group. The digits following the dash represent the consecutive page number within the group. The page numbers can be found on the top left or right of each page.

In the GROUP 4A circuit diagrams, the operation and troubleshooting hints are given on the previous page or following page for each circuit where necessary.

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Mitsubishi Pajero 1994 – 2002 Electrical Wiring Diagrams