MITSUBISHI LANCER EVOLUTION IX 2005 SERVICE MANUAL (GH-CT9A, No. 1036K12) PDF. This manual contains details of the main changes to the 2005 model Lancer Evolution IX. Only differences to the current Lancer Evolution VIII MR are included, so please use this manual in conjunction with the related manuals as listed on the following page.

The proper performance of service is essential for both the safety of the mechanic and the efficient functioning of the vehicle.

Please read this manual carefully so that servicing can be done correctly and quickly, and vehicle performance maintained.

This manual is based on the current (March 2005) model. Please bear in mind that vehicle specifications may change and that future models may not be the same.

Please note that all the units shown in this manual follow the internationally recognized SI unit system, and that the used previously are not shown alongside the SI units. (Nevertheless, please take care because units in reference documents may be shown in the units which were previously used).

The service methods in this Service Manual are described in such a manner that the service may be performed safely and accurately.

Service varies with the procedures used, the skills of the mechanic and the tools and parts available. Accordingly, anyone using service procedures, tools or parts which are not specifically recommended by NISSAN must first completely satisfy themselves that neither their safety nor the vehicle’s safety will be jeopardized by the service method selected.


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