MITSUBISHI LANCER EVOLUTION IX 2005 Electrical Wiring Diagrams (GH- CT9A, No. 1036K82)

GH- CT9A, No. 1036K82. This manual is designed to facilitate inspection and repair work relating to the electrical wiring system in the ’05 Lancer Evolution IX, and contains layout diagrams which give a three-dimensional representation of the electrical wires and connectors of the various parts of the vehicle, as well as circuit diagrams indicating the wiring design for different systems, and diagrams showing the points at which each individual component is installed.

When inspecting or repairing electrical parts, this manual should be used in conjunction with the related documents listed on the following pages, if necessary. This manual contains various different types of wiring diagrams and circuit diagrams, but it should be remembered that these may not always coincide with the exact specifications of each individual vehicle.

This manual is based on the vehicle specifications as of March 2005.

Please note that future vehicles may not match the contents of this manual completely, due to changes in specifications, or the like.

The units shown in this manual are the standard international SI units. Conventional units are not included.


Language: English
Format: PDF