Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 2003 Technical Information Manual

This manual has been prepared as an introduction to the specifications, features, construction, functions, and other areas of the new 2003 LANCER EVOLUTION VIII. It includes Technical Information and Body Repair Service. The Body Repair sections immediately follow Group 55 – Heater, Air Conditioning and Ventilation. Please read this manual carefully so that it will be of assistance for your service and sales activities. Please note the following service manuals are also available and should be used in conjunction with this manual.


  • MSSP-206B-2003


  • BUM6K103A


  • General
  • Engine
  • Lubrication
  • Fuel
  • Engine Cooling
  • Intake and Exhaust
  • Engine Electrical
  • Engine and Emission Control
  • Clutch
  • Manual Transaxle
  • Propeller Shaft
  • Front Axle
  • Rear Axle
  • Wheel and Tire
  • Power Plant Mount
  • Front Suspension
  • Rear Suspension
  • Service Brakes
  • Parking Brakes
  • Steering
  • Body
  • Exterior
  • Interior and Supplemental Restraint System (SRS
  • Chassis Electrical
  • Heater, Air Conditioning and Ventilation

Language: English
Format: PDF
Pages: 201

Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 2003 Technical Information Manual

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