Mitsubishi Canter Body Repair Manual

MITSUBISHI FUSO TRUCK & BUS CORPORATION, as the manufacturer of MITSUBISHI FUSO vehicles, publishes this body/equipment mounting directive to provide body manufacturers with important technical information about the basic vehicle. This information must be observed by the body manufacturer in the production of bodies and equipment, fittings and modifications for MITSUBISHI FUSO vehicles.

Due to the large number of body manufacturers and body types, MITSUBISHI FUSO TRUCK & BUS CORPORATION cannot take into account all the possible modifications to the vehicle, e.g. performance, stability, load distribution, center of gravity and handling characteristics, that may result from the design of attachments, bodies, equipment or modifications. For this reason, MITSUBISHI FUSO TRUCK & BUS CORPORATION can accept no body manufacturer liability for accidents or injuries sustained as a result of such modifications to the vehicles if such modifications have a negative impact on the overall vehicle. Accordingly, MITSUBISHI FUSO TRUCK & BUS CORPORATION will only assume liability as vehicle manufacturer within the scope of the design, production and instruction services which it has performed itself.

The body manufacturer is bound to ensure that its bodies and equipment, fittings and modifications are themselves not defective, nor capable of causing defects or hazards to the overall vehicle. If this obligation is violated in any way, the body manufacturer shall assume full product liability. The body/equipment mounting directives enable MITSUBISHI FUSO TRUCK & BUS CORPORATION to instruct the body manufacturer about important aspects that must be observed when mounting its bodies and equipment, fittings and modifications.

These body/equipment mounting directives are primarily intended for the professional manufacturers of bodies, equipment, fittings and modifications for our vehicles. As a result, these body / equipment mounting directives assume that the body manufacturer has suitable background knowledge. If you intend to mount attachments, bodies and equipment on or carry out modifications to our vehicles, please be aware that certain types of work (e.g. welding work on load-bearing components) may only be carried out by qualified personnel. This will avoid the risk of injury while also ensuring that the degree of quality required for the attachments, bodies, equipment and modifications is given.


  • Introduction
    • The aim of these directives
    • Symbols
    • Vehicle safety
    • Operational reliability
    • Accident prevention
  • General
    • Vehicle and model designations
    • Technical advice and contact persons
    • Required documents
    • Product safety
    • Mitsubishi three diamonds and Fuso emblem
    • Recycling of components
    • Quality system
  • Planning of bodies
    • Selecting the chassis
    • Vehicle modifications
    • Dimensions, weights, vehicle overall length, height, and width
    • About vehicle body incline
    • Tires
    • Bolted and welded connections
    • Soundproofing
    • Duonic
    • Exhaust system
    • Maintenance and repairs
    • Special equipment
  • Technical threshold values for planning
    • Vehicle overhang and technical wheelbases
    • Weight distribution, CoG height, anti-roll bars
    • Steerability
    • Clearance for assemblies and cab
    • Air deflectors
    • Coupling for direct-coupled power take-off
    • Others
  • Damage prevention
    • Electrical system
    • Brake hoses/cables and lines
    • Mobile communications systems
    • Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)
    • Welding work
    • Corrosion protection measures
    • Corrosion prevention in welding work
    • Bolted connections
    • Painting work
    • Leaf springs
    • Tilting the cab
    • Towing and tow-starting
    • Risk of fire
    • Storing and handing over the vehicle
  • Modifications to the basic vehicle
    • General
    • Chassis frame material
    • Drilling work on the vehicle frame
    • Welding work on the vehicle frame
    • Reinforcements
    • Brake systems
    • Modifications to the wheelbase
    • Frame modifications
    • Mounting equipment on the side rail
    • Cab
    • Seats and bench seat
    • Electrics/electronics
    • Installation of propeller shafts
  • Construction of bodies
    • General
    • Mounting frame
    • Mounting frame attachment
    • Clearance between chassis parts and bodies
    • Fuel tank
    • BlueTec system

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Pages: 318

Mitsubishi Canter Body Repair Manual