Mercedes-Benz W114 W116 W123 Service Manual

Mercedes-Benz E-Class – one of the most famous cars of the German company Mercedes-Benz. Although the designation of the Executivklasse (business class) was introduced in 1993, the story of the E-Class predecessors is the story of the entire brand, since they were the most massive cars until 1982.

Traditionally, the E-class was made in the body of a sedan, but since 1969 there has been a coupe in the gamut, since 1978 it has been a versatile person, and since 1992 it has been a convertible (although special cars based on the E-class have always been produced). In the period of 1997-2008, coupes and cabriolets were absent, the CLK-class was manufactured based on bodies of smaller C-class, but outwardly stylized for the E-class. The current generation of the E-Class, in addition to the sedan and versatile person (W213 and S213), has coupe and cabriolet versions (C238 and A238).

Complete Service Manual coverage for late model year Mercedes-Benz vehicles requires three individual manuals:

  • Service Manual, Engine
  • Service Manual, Transmission
  • Service Manual, Chassis and Body

Throughout these manuals, the vehicles are identified by their chassis and engine numbers. These numbers are made up of the first six digits of the respective serial number. For the actual location of Chassis number and Engine number, see page 00—010/1. In cases where the repair instructions apply to all versions of the engine, only the first three digits of the respective number are referenced. For example, engine 110 applies to all 2.8 liter 6 cylinder engines with dual overhead camshafts. See the engine and vehicle identification table on page 00—010/1 for the engine installed in your vehicle.

Location of specific repair instructions
First locate the major component group in the Group Index. Individual groups are separated by an easily visible dividing page, which is followed by the job index page. Then check the job index for the exact job required. The first page of a typical job description looks like this:
07.3-135 Checking Injection valves Job Title appears on same line as Group No.

Technical data, tightening torques and tools are listed at the beginning of each Job. All the dimensions are in metric units, provided no other unit of measure is used. The indicated part numbers are serving exclusively for identification and better differentiation of individual versions. When odering spare parts, always use part numbers from the latest parts literature.


  • Engine
  • Transmission
  • Chassis and Body

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Mercedes-Benz W114 W116 W123 Service Manual