Mercedes-Benz Viano Electrical Wiring Diagram Manuals

This document is intended solely for use in training and is not subject to regular updating. Part numbers and documentation included in this document may change and the latest information should always be used.

Wiring diagrams
/ The wiring diagrams are assigned to the familiar function groups 00-91. The systems are listed alphabetically with an indication of the function group/ function subgroup in the “Search aid for all wiring diagram groups”
OV00.01-S-1901VA or A3 (paper version).
/ The wiring diagrams are filed in the respective function group arranged according to the PE number,
e.g.: PE07.16-S-2000VA
To check the completeness of the volume the sequence of the wiring diagrams filed can be seen from the lists of contents of the respective function group. For supplements the wiring diagrams should be filed as per the supplement sheet.
e.g.: PE00.19-P-1100VA Overview of wiring diagrams….

/ The wiring diagrams are prepared as function diagrams or control unit diagrams and are built up as follows:
-Function diagrams
The control units and electrical components belonging to the function are shown as symbols. The functional connections are realized by direct lines or by the data bus.
-Control unit diagrams
Control units are represented complete with all connected components. The feed of the control units appears first.
The wiring diagrams also contain linkages of possible versions and functions.
Linkages, recognizable as versions, are framed and provided with an abbreviated designation/ abbreviation.
The versions are designated with 1 and 2

/ Notes on the accompanying documents for connectors/ terminal blocks (B1)
Special equipment (SA) is specifically highlighted in the notes column. For connectors, which are installed in special equipment, the special equipment is specified in the notes column in the row in front of the connector designation. For connectors, which are installed as standard, special equipment specification is noted directly at the respective jack and/or connector.
The feed of the terminal blocks is shown by means of an arrow pointing to the left, the outputs by means of arrows pointing to the right. The grouping of the individual variants/ special equipment (SA) is highlighted by means of broken lines. All outputs to components, which are installed as standard, are listed up to the first broken line.


  • 1 Use of wiring diagrams
  • 2 Abbreviations for wiring diagrams
  • 3 Location and assignment of ground points
  • 4 Location and assignment of plug connectors
  • 5 Battery starting charging circuit
  • 6 Voltage supply fuses
  • 7 Fuse and relay board (SRB)
  • 8 Signal Acquisition and actuation module (SAM)
  • 9 Exterior lights
  • 10 Central loc king
  • 11 CAN bus
  • 12 Instrument cluster (IC)
  • 13 Electronic ignition switch (EIS)
  • 14 Electronic stability control (ESP)
  • 15 Common rail diesel injection (CDI)
  • 16 Standard heater

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Mercedes-Benz Viano Electrical Wiring Diagram Manuals