Mercedes 722.5 Transmission Repair Manual

Mercedes 722.5 Transmission Repair Manual. Mercedes introduced the five speed automatic overdrive transmission in the 1989 model year. At a quick glance it looks the same as the four speed 722.3 and 722.4 models. The extension housing is the quickest way to identify the five speed unit, as this is where the overdrive section was added. The 4-5 and the 5-4 shifts are controlled by a computer module. This manual covers the testing, disassembly, inspection and reassembly of the Mercedes 722.5 unit.

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  • General Information
  • Downshift Lock-Out
  • Adjustment
  • Road Test
  • Valve Body removal and teardown
  • Governor and Rear pump removal and checks
  • Transmission Removal
  • Transmission Teardown
  • Component Assemblies
  • Transmission Systems General
  • Delayed shifting
  • Clutch Band Application
  • Test Data Guide

Language: English
Format: PDF
Pages: 104

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