Mercedes 722.1 722.2 Transaxle Service Manual – ATSG (Automatic Transmission Service Group)

This manual covers the teardown and assembly of the early (1968-1981 four bolt pan) Mercedes Transmission. It will include the 025, 040, 050 model transmission.

The MB automatic transmission consists of a fluid coupling in series with a four-speed planetary gearing. To engage/disengage the various gears, five hydraulically-actuated servo elements — two multiple-disk clutches and three band brakes — are actuated in the appropriate combination. A free wheel is fitted between inner and outer disk carriers of the clutch К 2.

The gear train design is one of the characteristic features of the automatic transmission. It includes drive, output, intermediate and hollow shafts, the three planetary gear sets arranged in series, and the disk-clutches and band brakes.

For a planetary gear train to be able to transmit torque, the hollow gear, the planet gear carrier or the sun gear must be held stationary (band brake), or the entire planetary gear train must be interlocked (clutch)…


  • General Description
  • Trouble Shooting Hints
  • Transmission Specifications
  • Torque Specifications
  • Adjustment of Control Pressure
  • Pressure Checks
  • Tear Down and Assembly
  • Teardown Gear Assembly
  • Teardown Clutch Assemblys
  • Teardown Governor Assembly
  • Pump Assembly Teardown
  • Extension Housing Rear Pump
  • Valve Body Teardown Assembly

Language: English
Format: PDF
Pages: 113

Mercedes 722.1-722.2 Transaxle Service Manual – ATSG (Automatic Transmission Service Group) PDF free online