Mazda 626 1998 Workshop Manual

The service repair manual describes in detail the features of operation, design and major modifications of the Mazda 626 11998. Recommendations for maintenance and repair. Much attention is paid to car care, the choice of tools, the purchase of spare parts. The typical malfunctions, the causes of their occurrence and methods of elimination are given.

Based on the information contained in the manual, the owner of the car can independently carry out repairs of varying complexity, without seeking assistance from the service center and car repair shop. The manual is intended for employees of stations and owners of cars Mazda 626. Drawings, diagrams, tables. Glossary of terms. Color schemes of electrical equipment.


1YV GF22C*W5 600001—
1YV GF22D*W5 600001—

Language: English
Format: PDF
Pages: 1282

Mazda 626 1998 Workshop Manual

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