Maximum Boost: Designing Testing and Installing Turbocharger Systems

Whether youre interested in better performance on the road or extra horsepower to be a winner on the track, this book gives you the knowledge you need to get the most out of your engine and its turbocharger system. Find out what works and what doesnt, which turbo is right for your needs, and what type of set-up will give you that extra boost. Bell shows you how to select and install the right turbo, how to prep your engine, test the systems, and integrate a turbo with EFI or carbureted engine.

Maximum Boost by Corky Bell presents a wealth of knowledge on the modern turbocharger and its applications. The turbo world has long needed an up-to-date resource like this, and Maximum Boost will not disappoint.


A turbocharger is a simple device. It is nothing more than an air pump driven by energy remaining in the exhaust gases as they exit an engine. Of the energy released in the combustion process, approximately one-third goes into the cooling system, one-third becomes power down the crankshaft, and one-third is dumped out the tailpipe as heat. It is this last third that we can use to power the turbo. Consider that a 200 blip engine dumps approximately 70 bhp equivalent of raw heat straight out the tailpipe. That is a tremendous amount of energy that could be put to better use. By comparison, when was the last time you saw an air fan operated at 70 horsepower? Thus, it is not so hard to imagine the turbo’s potential for moving huge amounts of air.

A turbocharger system consists of a turbocharger and the parts necessary to integrate it into the engine’s operation. A turbocharger system is not a simple device. Nowhere in these pages, however, do I discuss such things as the shapes of vortices created by the tips of the compressor wheel. Therefore, you may read on with confidence that this is not an engineering treatise on the mysteries of the inner workings of the turbocharger. The specific contribution I intend this book to make is as a handbook on the practical aspects of applying the turbocharger to the internal combustion engine. The turbocharger has, pure and simple, greater potential for improving the power output of an engine than any other device.

What the turbo is, how it does its magic, and the equipment necessary to civilize it are the focal points around which this book is written.

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Maximum Boost: Designing Testing and Installing Turbocharger Systems