Lexus ES300 1997 Repair Manual

To assist you in your service activities, this manual explains the main characteristics of the new ES300, in
particular providing a technical explanation of the construction and operation of new mechanisms and new technology used.

Applicable models: MCV20 series

This manual is divided into 4 sections.

1. Introduction — Development objectives of the new model and model line-up.
2. New Model Outline — Explanation of the product to give a general understanding of its features.
3. Technical Description — Technical explanation of the construction and operation of each new system
and component.
4. Appendix — Major technical specifications of the vehicle.

For detailed service specifications and repair procedures, refer to the following Repair Manuals:

Manual Name                                                                                      Pub. No.
1997 LEXUS ES300 Repair Manual                                                 RM511U
1997 LEXUS ES300 Electrical Wiring Diagram                              EWD284U

All information contained herein is the most up-to-date at the time of publication. We reserve the right to
make changes without prior notice.

The new ES300 aims to further strengthen its status as a Lexus entry vehicle through appealing more strongly to the young, quality minded drivers by creating more advanced, attractive designs and functions, and through obtaining a wider variety of users by adding more value to the car.


Language: English
Format: PDF