Lexus ES300 1993 Repair Manual

Manual in English on maintenance and repair + wiring diagrams of a 1993 Lexus ES300. To assist you in your service activities, this manual explains the main characteristics of the 1993 model year vehicles in particular providing a technical explanation of the construction and operation of new mechanisms and new technology used.

This manual consists of the following sections.

1. General 1993 Features — Changed features common to all models are explained.
2. ∼ 4. Each Model — Changed features for each model are explained.
5. Appendix — Major technical specifications of the vehicle.

For detailed service specifications and repair procedures, refer to the following Repair Manuals:

Manual Name                                                                               Pub. No.
1993 LEXUS SC 300 Repair Manual Vol. 1                             RM320U1
Vol. 2                                                                                             RM320U2
1993 LEXUS SC 400 Repair Manual Vol. 1                             RM302U1
Vol. 2                                                                                             RM302U2
1993 LEXUS LS 400 Repair Manual Vol. 1                              RM300U1
Vol. 2                                                                                             RM300U2
1993 LEXUS ES 300 Electrical Wiring Diagram                      EWD159U
1993 LEXUS SC 300/400 Electrical Wiring Diagram             EWD165U
1993 LEXUS LS 400 Electrical Wiring Diagram                      EWD164U

All information contained herein is the most up–to–date at the time of publication. We reserve the right to make changes without prior notice.


Language: English
Format: PDF