Lexus Engine 1UZ-FE Service and Repair Manual

The 1UZ–FE engine is a V–8, 4.0–liter, 32–valve DOHC engine designed exclusively for the luxury LS400 sedan.

Incorporating the state–of–the–art technology, this engine implements high–speed performance and utility at a high level providing an exciting feeling of a very smooth acceleration response to the pedal operation. With thorough analysis, design and precisely controlled manufacturing, major component parts have been improved to achieve very low vibration and noise level.

The engine operation is accurately–controlled by the ECU (Electronic Control Unit) and maintains peak performance and efficiency at all times.

Features of the 1UZ–FE engine are shown in the following list:

  • High Performance
    • Compact DOHC, 32–valve, center–firing and high compression ratio combustion chamber implements a high combustion efficiency.
    • ECU–controlled precise engine operation.
    • Reduced intake and exhaust losses resulting from large–diameter intake duct,
      air flow meter, dual exhaust system, etc.
  • Lightweight and Compact Design
    • Reduced cylinder head size by the adoption of a scissors gear mechanism.
    • Cylinder block and oil pan made of aluminum alloy.
    • Compact, lightweight accessory drive system by means of serpentine, single
      belt and bracketless accessory installation.
  • Low Noise and Vibration
    • Use of an aluminum oil pan having an integral stiffener.
    • Aluminum engine mount brackets and liquid–filled compound engine mounts.
    • Silent start type three–stage temperature–controlled auto–coupling fan.
    • Rigid and accurately balanced crankshaft assembly.
    • Auto tensioners for timing belt and V–ribbed belt.
  • Serviceability
    • Outer shim type valve lifter.
    • Auto tensioners for timing belt and V–ribbed belt.
    • Engine oil level sensor.
  • High Reliability
    • Thin cast–iron liner press–fit in aluminum cylinder block.
    • Highly durable timing belt and auto tensioner.
    • Plastic region tightening bolts in major parts (cylinder head bolts, crankshaft bearing cap bolts, connecting rod cap bolts).

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Pages: 80

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