Lexus CT200H 2014 Pre-Delivery Service Manual

Lexus Technician: Before you perform a Pre-Delivery Service (PDS) on this vehicle, be sure you:

  • Read and understand this PDS Manual
  • Read and understand all applicable PDS Technical Service Information Bulletins (TSIBs) for this
  • vehicle
  • Read and understand the PDS Precautions in the TSIBs and pages i, 9, 10.
  • Attend the “Technical Introduction to Lexus Course L005” at the Lexus Area Office

When performing a PDS on this vehicle:

  • Use the PDS Manual when performing this service
  • Check the Technical Information System (TIS) for any updated PDS TSIBs that apply to the model you are servicing
  • Verify that the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) on repair order and vehicle match
  • Lift vehicle and perform under vehicle safety/damage inspection
  • Road test vehicle long enough to test hot engine and drive over rough road (Bott dots) to test for rattles/squeaks
  • When PDS is completed, sign Vehicle Delivery Certificate, located in the glove box

The following TSIBs are available on TIS:

  • Hybrid system electrical safety precautions
  • Short pin installation during pds
  • Activation and initialization of tire pressure warning system
  • Initial calibration of compass
  • Front wheel opening extension pad installation
  • Front license plate mounting bracket and license plate installation
  • Maintenance for hv / auxiliary battery before delivery
  • Floor mat installation

To obtain PDS material:

  • Download from TIS website or Lexus Customer Services website on Dealer daily
  • Order from MDC, 00242-PDSCT-MAN14

Check Sheet

  • Download and print from TIS website or Lexus Customer Services website on Dealer Daily, or
  • Order from MDC, 00242-PDSCT-CK14, each packet contains 25 Check Sheets
  • Sheet is two-sided, back side has procedure tips

Vehicle Delivery Certificate

  • Order from MDC, 00242-TIQ14


  • Download from TIS website

Language: English
Format: PDF
Pages: 70

Lexus CT200H 2014 Pre-Delivery Service Manual