Land Rover Salesman’s Manual

Land Rover Salesman;s Manual PDF. In the fast growing four-wheel-drive market, the Land-Rover still stands supreme because of:

  • the range of configurations
  • the engineering strength and long life
  • the cross country capability
  • the ability to drive additional equipment.

The combination of these features produces a vehicle with a versatility which is unchallenged and an ability to do the job which is unsurpassed.

The Land-Rover customer is also rather special as his main reason for buying will be whether the particular model can do the job of work for which it is intended with reliability and economy. Features, advantages and the related benefits should all be demonstrated to the prospective purchaser by the salesman in a professional manner.

To carry this out successfully requires an extremely thorough understanding of Land-Rover and its competing vehicles, allied to a comprehensive knowledge of the additional equipment and specialist bodywork available. This manual has been produced to help you acquire this knowledge.

Each aspect of the Land-Rover is explained in full, and the benefits to the customer are summarised. There are sections dealing with power take-offs and the additional equipment, enabling the salesman to use the manual as a point of reference. We hope that you will use this information to good advantage.


  • Introduction
  • The Land-Rover — a Summary
  • The Development of Land-Rover and its Present Market Position
  • Chassis
  • Bodywork
  • Engines and Auxiliaries
  • Transmission and Final Drive
  • Suspension
  • Steering and Braking Systems
  • Optional Fittings and Accessories
  • Power Take-Off Drives, Other Specialist equipment and Specialist Conversions
  • Off-road Driving, Towing and Winching
  • Competition
  • Technical Data

Language: English
Format: PDF
Pages: 124

Land Rover Salesman’s Manual