KIA Basic Automotive Electrical Course

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• Electrical principles and hands-on diagnostics for Kia Technicians

• Review of available resources

• Course length is 3 days

This three day course provides an opportunity for hands-on electrical diagnosis practice.
During this course, you will:

• Analyze automotive circuits using circuit diagrams.

• Learn to use the Kia 5-Step Troubleshooting Process to locate faults.

• Gain experience using the DVOM.

• Identify normal system operation of electrical system components.

• Inspect for normal operation of the vehicle’s basic electrical systems.

To provide the Kia technician with the skills and knowledge required to diagnose and repair a vehicle that has an electrical system malfunction.


As a Kia service professional, you understand the importance of staying current with today’s complex automotive technology. The amount of training that a technician needs depends on factors like technical background, product knowledge and practical experience. To meet your needs, we have developed a modular training system to help you focus your efforts in the areas that are of the most value to you.


1. Student Learning Guide and Workbook
This module explains subjects from basic concepts to the most complex technology we offer. Obtaining a working knowledge of any system or component is a prerequisite to effectively diagnose system malfunctions.
There may also be classroom exercises that you will complete as a group.

2. Guided Practice
This module provides hands-on experience that will build on the theory and diagnosis topics discussed in the classroom.
These modules will also help develop your troubleshooting skills. This course will involve the use of service manuals, ETMs, technical service bulletins, newsletters and other resources as an integral approach to your overall diagnostic strategy.

Language: English
Format: PDF
Pages: 165

KIA Basic Automotive Electrical Course