Iveco N series Engine Workshop Service Manual

N45: NEF45 AM1, NEF45 SM1, NEF45 SM2. NEF45 TM1, NEF45 TM2
N67: NEF67 TE2, NEF67 TM2, NEF67 TM3


This publication contains data, features, instructions and methods for performing repair interventions on the assembly and its components.

This publication is addressed to qualified, specialised personnel.

Check that you have the publication related to the assembly on which you are about to work available before you start. Make sure that you have all the necessary safety apparatuses, such as, for example, protective eyewear, helmet, gloves, footwear, etc. Check that the working, lifting and transport equip-
ment etc. is available and in working order. Make sure that the group is prepared and secured.

Proceed by carefully observing the instructions contained herein and use the indicated specific tools to ensure correct repair procedures, observance of time schedules and safety of operators.

All repair interventions are aimed at restoring the conditions of operation, efficiency and safety contemplated by FPT. All on-group interventions, aimed at implementing changes, alterations or other not authorised by FPT will relieve FPT from responsibility. Specifically, the warranty (where applicable) will be immediately cancelled.

FPT cannot be held responsible for repair interventions. FPT is available to provide any additional information needed for performing the inventions and indications in the cases and situations not contemplated in this publication.

The data contained in this publication may not be up-to-date if changes are made by the manufacturer at any time for technical or commercial reasons or if required to meet legal requirements of countries worldwide.


  • F4GE N Series Part 1
  • F4HE N Series Part 2

Language: English
Format: PDF
Pages: 326

Iveco N series Engine Workshop Service Manual