Isuzu Transmission AW30-40LE Model Workshop Manual

The AW30-40LE is a 4-speed fully automatic transmission. It uses a microcomputer as a control unit to judge running conditions including throttle opening rate and vehicle speed, then it sets the shifting point in the optimum timing so that best driving performance can be achieved.

In addition, the built-in shift mode select function can select three shift modes according to the driver’s preference:

  • Normal mode -Normal shift pattern.
  • 3rd Start mode -Starts in 3rd gear to reduce slippage on ice or snow.
  • Power mode has a delayed up shift when more powerful acceleration is required.

Also, the built-in fail-safe function (“backup mode”) assures driving performance even if the vehicle speed sensor, throttle signal or any solenoid fails.

Further, the self-diagnostic function conducts diagnosis in a short time when the control system fails, thus improving serviceability.

The major features of AW30-40LE are as follows:

  • A compact structure consisting of 2 sets of planetary gears and flat torque converter.
  • Electronic control selects the optimum shift mode according to the driving conditions.
  • Electronic control maintains the optimum hydraulic pressure for clutch, band brake as well as transmission so that shift feeling is improved.
  • Two sets of planetary gears reduce friction of power train. Also, a lockup mechanism in the torque converter reduces fuel consumption.
  • Wide gear ratio and high torque rate of torque converter provide excellent starting performance.


    • Service Precaution
    • General Description Diagnosis
    • DTC P0560 (FLASHING CODE 25) System Voltage Error
    • DTC P0602 (FLASHING CODE 63) Transmission Control Module (TCM) Programming Error
    • DTC P0705 (FLASHING CODE 17) Transmission Range Sensor Circuit Malfunction
    • DTC P0712 (FLASHING CODE 15) Transmission Oil Temperature Sensor Circuit Low Input
    • DTC P0713 (FLASHING CODE 16) Transmission Oil Temperature Sensor Circuit Hight Input
    • DTC P0717 (FLASHING CODE 14) Input Speed Sensor Signal Error
    • DTC P0722 (FLASHING CODE 11) Output Speed Sensor Signal Error
    • DTC P0743 (FLASHING CODE 33) Torque Converter Clutch Electrical
    • DTC P0748 (FLASHING CODE 35) Pressure Control Solenoid Electrical
    • DTC P0753 (FLASHING CODE 31) Shift Solenoid S1 Electrical
    • DTC P0758 (FLASHING CODE 32) Shift Solenoid S2 Electrical
    • DTC P1767 (FLASHING CODE 67) ECM CAN Invalid
    • DTC P1790 (FLASHING CODE 61) Transmission Control Module ROM Checksum Error
    • DTC P1791 (FLASHING CODE 62) Transmission Control Module RAM Error
    • Service Precaution
    • Diagnosis
    • Shift Point Chart and Lock-Up Point Chart
    • Transmission Fluid Level and Condition
    • ATF Replacement
    • Neutral Start Switch (Mode Switch)
    • Brake Signal
    • Input and Output Revolution Sensor
    • Pattern Select Switch
    • Solenoid
    • ATF Temperature Sensor
    • Select Lever
    • Shift Cable
    • Transmission Control Module (TCM)
    • Shift Solenoid and Lock-Up Solenoid
    • Valve Body Assembly and Pressure Control Solenoid
    • Rear Oil Seal (Adapter Housing, 4×4)
    • Rear Oil Seal (Extension Housing, 4×2)
    • Transmission Assembly
    • Major Components
    • Components
    • Major Components
    • Major Components
    • Oil Pump
    • OD Planetary Gear and OD Direct Clutch Assembly
    • OD Support Assembly Direct Clutch Assembly
    • Forward Clutch Asseembly
    • Front Planetary Gear
    • Planetary Sun Gear and No.1 One-Way Clutch Second Brake Assembly
    • Rear Planetary Gear Assembly and Output Shaft First and Reverse Brake
    • Transmission Valve Body assembly
    • Lower Valve Body
    • Upper Valve Body
    • Transmission Case
    • Torque Converter
    • Adapter Housing (4 x 4)
    • Extension Housing (4 x 2)
    • Main Data and Specifications
    • Special Tools

Language: English
Format: PDF
Pages: 266

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